What’s The Cost to You?

When you get injured you can choose to leave it and hope it gets better; visit your GP and possibly get a referral or pay to be assessed and treated privately.  Whichever option you choose there is a cost involved either of time, emotion or money.  That cost can have a direct effect on you and your injury.

By making an appointment to be seen privtely you may get peice of mind and a plan of action for injury, thereofer reducing the emotional cost.  The following course of treatment should reduce the amount of time you spend out of action, therefore reducing the time costs.  There is of course still the financial costs and these need to weighed against the other benefits of piece of mind, reduced frustration, faster access to treatment and a swifter recovery.

Why me?

Injuries can be frustrating, debilitating and have a great impact on our daily lives. The above question is one that crops up a lot in the clinic: Why Me?

Sometimes the answer can be more obvious than others; it can be from a poor tackle, insufficient preparation or a lack of suitable equipment. At other times the cause of injury can be less obvious; overtraining is a major cause of injury in both recreational and elite athletes, with microscopic disruptions in the soft tissue leading to macroscopic trauma.

If you’re injured it can be of benefit to look retrospectively at the period leading up to the injury to see if there were any contributing factors such as an increase in training volume, change in training surface or poor preparation. If nothing seems to stand out as a possible cause of injury you may find yourself in the most frustrating category of all: you were just unlucky!