What is a Sports Therapist? How do they differ from a physiotherapist? A sports therapist is trained specifically to assess and rehabilitate sports injuries, they understand the frustrations of being injured and the demands of competing at a high level. Their knowledge of different sports should allow them to provide tailored rehabilitation to help to get you back competing at the highest level possible. Their scope of practice is generally not as broad as a physiotherapists due to the differing nature of their respective training, for example we do not cover cardiac or stroke rehabilitation.

What should I wear to my appointment? – shorts and t-shirts/vest tops are ideal. This enables me to see the area that is being assessed, as well as the joints above and below. If you do not have shorts then leggings or loose fitting trousers that can be rolled up above the need will be ok.

How do I pay? – Payment is via cash or cheque please, as I do not currently have card services. Cheques can be made payable to “Ed Pratt”.

What will I have to do during the session? – during the Initial Assessment I will take a detailed history of your injury and then do a physical examination. During the physical examination you may be asked to perform a range of movements or exercises to see what reproduces your symptoms. You will not have to anything you do not want to and you should inform me if any of the exercises cause discomfort or an increase in your symptoms.

What’s expected of me between sessions? – at the end of the initial assessment you will be provided with a home exercise program and advised on how much you should do and how often you should complete it.

What if I can’t make my session? – Please let me know as soon as possible if you can’t make your session as there may be someone else waiting for an appointment.

Any info/questions missing? Contact me and I’ll get it added to the page.