Clinic Times & Prices

Tuesday @ Northallerton 16:00-21:00

Wednesday @ Bedale 17:00-21:00

Thursday @ Bedale with Amelia 12:00-17:00

Thursday @ Yarm with Ed 15:00-21:00

Friday @ Northallerton 08:00-18:00

Saturday @ Northallerton 08:00-13:00

Costs (as of 01 September 2017):

PLEASE NOTE: All major credit cards accepted as well as ApplePay & Android Pay.

Air Card Scheme Sticker

Initial Consultation and treatment sessions: £40 / £30 with Amelia (client contact time is approx 50 mins), 1/2 session = £25 / £15 with Amelia

Gait analysis: Done as part of a treatment session (if done as part of the initial assessment, may take more than one session).

Massage Cost: Full session (50 minutes) = £37 / £30 with Amelia, 1/2 session = £22 / £15 with Amelia

3 thoughts on “Clinic Times & Prices

  1. I am after a sports massage in particular my back, I have. A few knots but will require one a month minimum. Do you have any Sat 9th Jun ?


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