Squat Technique

So as promised here is the video of my squat technique, with a bit of a breakdown below :


The technique in the video will be by no means perfect, for instance I could relax the shoulders a bit more (think I was keeping the arms out of the way of the couch) and I have a slight tilt of the head to my left, which is something that was picked up at uni.  However the main points are there, we are all different so variations are going to occur.

Important points for squat technique for me are:

  1. Set up – feet comfortable distance apart (this is not a wide stances Sumo squat), feet slightly angled out, stand tall. Engage the glutes prior to starting the movement.
  2. Push back with the hamstrings and the glutes.  Just sitting back with the glutes alone seems encourages a forward tilt of the pelvis and increase extension in the lumber spine.
  3. Don’t rush, work on quality of movement over just getting the reps done.
  4. At the bottom of the range aim for parallel line between your shins and torso (lots of people through my clinic lean or slump too much in the lower back).
  5. On standing drive up with the whole leg rather than just the knees, make sure you engage the glutes too.

So thats my tips on squats, let me know what you think, weighted squats are different to bodyweight squats and if you’re new to these then I advise you get some proper advice.


One thought on “Squat Technique

  1. You give some great advice here. Squats are a great exercise, I know a lot of people that avoid them for fear of getting hurt. If people follow your advice here and don’t try to lift to much they will be fine and reap the benefits of a tremendous exercise. Thanks for the info.

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