5 Top Tips for Your First Triathlon

Its a funny time of year (almost the end of the triathlon season) to be writing this post. But the excitement generated by the Brownlee Triathlon tomorrow means that for many of you this will be your first triathlon! Therefore I though that it would be useful to give you 5 Top Tips for Your First Tri. I also thought it might be useful to get an elite triathlete to provide them for you, so thanks to Doug Roberts for his time.

SWIM – Find your own space, get into your own rhythm and don’t worry about the others.

T1 – Talk yourself through the transition process (out loud if it helps) i.e. wetsuit off, helmet on etc.

BIKE – Find a comfy and still position on the bike, which you can maintain. If you look at top riders their upper bodies hardly move, don’t fight against the wind.

T2 – Spin in an easy gear into the transition. Run relaxed through transition, don’t rush. T1 tip applies hear too.

RUN – Running relaxed will help maintain pace and most of all remember to enjoy the event.

So best of luck for the race and hopefully many future races to come. If you’re an experienced triathlete I would love to hear your race day tips as well.


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