Great North Run Top Tips

The Great North Run is now one week away and we know that this can be a worrying time for many runners. Are you prepared? Have you done enough training? These are two questions that will be going through many of your heads right now.

We have sports therapy clinics in Northallerton, Thirsk and Bedale in North Yorkshire and see many runners who are putting in those final preparations before a big race day. This may be to work on some stretches with us or get a sports massage to ensure their muscles are in the best state possible to get on the start line.

To help you get ready for Sunday we have created six tips to ensure that your half marathon goes smoothly.

1. Get a sports massage, which can help ease areas of tightness in your muscles prior to your race.
2. Go at your own pace. You know what you’ve done in your training and should have a fair idea of what you’re capable of, so start with a plan and try to follow it. The start will be a big scrum and hectic with people getting in the way and making it difficult to find your rhythm, but it will spread out, so use your watch or GPS and the mile markers to keep track of your pace. Don’t go off too fast and remember to give yourself a nudge if you fall off the pace a bit!

3. Enjoy it! It will be an amazing day, whatever the weather, with live music, fancy dress and thousands of other people. When it gets tough, which it probably will, look around you and remember why you’re there – to post a PB, to do your 10th race, to raise money for charity.

4. Drink to thirst. At these events you can be surrounded by people telling you to drink more. Think about what you’ve done during your training and stick to that.

5. Don’t change your running routine / add anything new on the day. Stick to what you know.

6. After your race you need to rehydrate, refuel and keep moving. This should help to prevent you from stiffening up. Try gentle, cyclical stretches for the calves, hamstrings and quads (thighs).

Save £5 on a sports massage with Ed Pratt Sports Therapy

We understand the importance of getting you back out training as soon after a race as possible and this can be made easier with a sports massage. It will help ease those aches and pains so you can start working towards your next goal. To get this special Great North Run offer all you need to do is book an appointment with Ed at any of his clinics and let him know your race number so he can confirm you took part in the event.

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