Your Pace or Theirs?

This is just a quick post about running training partners and follows on from my last post on training programmes.  From personal experience having a training partner is great, whether its running, cycling or gym workouts.  Benefits include:

  • Increased motivation to train,
  • Increased commitment to training plans,
  • Most of all, greater enjoyment of the sport you love (or are commited too!)

With the recent increase in runners through the clinic, due to the start of a new season and training for marathons, I have seen injuries that, although might not have been as a direct result from training partners, may have been influenced by them.  As the title of this post suggest the problems arose from running at either too quick or too slow a pace to suit them.  When running with someone else there is pressure to match their pace, which can effect your running style and therefore the stress on the body. Also, anthropometric variations (body shape, height and mass measurements)  mean that you may not have the same running pace as your training partner.

Below are some tips to help reduce the risk of injury when training with someone else:

  1. Work out your own pace (average min/mile),
  2. If they are better at  a particular aspect of running ie uphill / downhill, let them go ahead and catch up again on the flat,
  3. Do some of your training on your own, at your own pace.

Another option, which is very popular is to join a running group or club.  Here you will find many like minded people of all ages and abilities, making it easier to run at your own pace.  These clubs are usually already organised into slow, medium and fast groups.  There are several local running clubs and some of them are listed below, if yours isnt on there and you would like it to be either put the link in the comments box or send it to me and I’d be happy to update the post.

Northallerton – Swaledale Road Runners.

Bedale – Bedale and Aiskew Runners.

Thirsk – Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers.

Richmond – Richmond and Zetland Harriers.

Best wishes, Ed

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