What are you tracking?

There is now a plethora of smart phone apps out there for tracking your fitness, but is there one that’s raced ahead of the rest?

Common features include: easy initial set-up, a just run function and GPS tracking. Isn’t this all we need? Well apparently not. As with most sports equipment, these apps are aimed at specific audiences within the sporting population; some are trying to please everyone, whilst others are more specific. The giant brands of Adidas and Nike have a big brand feel, whilst the others are perhaps simpler but no less sleek or effective. The tracker that works very well for me is Endomondo.

A social network of its own Endomondo brings together like minded individuals from the sporting community. I found this particularly motivating when I noticed that a friend I go cycling/running with once a week had been out running just about every other day of the week as well! The website is easy to use, and provides lots of useful information such as fastest mile, Cooper run distance and allows you to comment on, share and export yours and your friends’ runs. Personally I am much more comfortable with sharing this information with the people I run/bike with rather than the whole of the Facebook community. The maps and graphs look slick and are very easy to use, with whole website being easy to navigate.

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