My Barefoot Running Experience

Barely bare-footing it – 1

After my earlier post on the rise in injuries following the barefoot running craze (26 June 2011), I thought I’d give it a go and see if I could build up to a significant volume without any running associated injuries.

Background: 30 years old, 183 cm, 94 kg. Previous sports include rugby, swimming, hockey and a sprint triathlon with rugby dominating since my late teens. Running experience mainly includes a 10km run and as part of my rugby training. Why is this relevant? Because I still run like I either still have the rugby ball or really want it back. This all results in a rather heavy footfall and ungainly running style.

What I would like to get from trying barefoot running is an “improved”, more relaxed, lighter style of running. I would like to know if this is possible with training or am I stuck with my own “heavy” style. I am not going to use a specific coach or website, but rather my knowledge as a sports therapist and the information freely available on the web to make informed choices about my training. I hope you find this mini series informative and useful, however it is important to note that what works (or not) for me may not provide the same results for you and if you have any questions/doubts you should contact a qualified expert.

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