Barefoot Running – Independant on Sunday Article

Interesting article in Independant on Sunday (here) about the rise in injuries following the increase in barefoot running.  Like with many activities if you do too much too soon, you can overload the tissues, which can lead to injury.

Even if you run regularly it would be a major change for your feet to make a sudden switch to running barefoot.  Your feet have been couped up in a mesh of supports and padding, this all influences the way you run and the way your foot strikes the ground.  To remove this support means that you run differently, using different muscles in different ways and therefore they need to be retrained.

Barefoot running is not for everyone but if you are thinking about taking it up, start slowly and listen to your body.  Work out areas of tightness and ensure you get sufficient rest between runs.  Only run short distances barefoot mixed with your “normal” running and gradually progress from there.

As with all sports and training the most important thing is to enjoy it!

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