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Welcome to Ed Pratt Sports Therapy!


With clinics in Northallerton, Bedale and Yarm, Ed Pratt provides sports therapy for the wider Hambleton and Richmondshire areas. Treating sporting and occupational injuries in everyone from the recreational gym user to national and international athletes. You do not have to be an athlete/sporting individual to make an appointment. If you have an injury that you would like help with, get in touch for some professional advice.

Getting fast, effective, personal treatment is essential if you want to make a full recovery, Ed Pratt Sports Therapy is your first step to achieving this goal.

If you have an enquiry/injury contact me on 07837276444 to discuss your options and arrange an initial assessment.

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One thought on “For Queries / Appointments Call 07837276444

  1. Thank you for all your help Ed.
    Your service is one of absolute professionalism and good manners and you show a commitment to helping your clients get back to their sporting activities by even going that extra mile.
    This is complemented by your friendly, easy going approach that allows even those folk who are a little on the shy side to feel at ease.
    I couldn’t trust anyone else to offer the same.

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